• Community forum June 26
    June 12,2013

    Community forum June 26

    I am writing to let those who live and work in Washington County know that Campaign for Vermont, Vermont’s fastest-growing grass-roots advocacy group, will be hosting a community forum June 26 at the Central Vermont Chamber of Commerce in Berlin from 4:30 to 6 p.m.

    The forum is open to all and will feature a panel of area professionals from a range of sectors such as local business, industry, education and economic development, among others. The forum will be moderated by Campaign for Vermont founder Bruce Lisman. It will consist of a discussion with the panelists and participants about how to best advance nonpartisan policies that will allow us to build an economy where no one is left behind and everyone can prosper.

    If you are someone, like me, who is concerned about the future of Vermont — in terms of our economy and jobs, health care system, education, energy and government accountability — I encourage you to attend the forum to share your point of view, the challenges you face today and your aspirations for the future of our state.

    I am very excited by the work that Bruce Lisman and other partners from Campaign for Vermont are doing; the position papers that CFV has issued to date, such as the recent document on transparency; and CFV’s outreach efforts that focus on encouraging Vermonters to get involved. It’s a grass-roots, nonpartisan effort that I would encourage you to become familiar with.

    You can learn more by visiting www.campaignforvermont.org and by attending the Washington County community forum. Your participation will help CFV develop its overall advocacy road map, which will in turn direct CFV’s efforts both inside and outside of Montpelier.

    If you have any questions about the forum or CFV, please contact me at 371-7080.

    Pat McDonald


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