• Save the elephants
    June 11,2013

    Save the elephants

    Are you an animal lover? Well, if you are, then you should know that animals are being killed illegally every day. Iím going to tell you why you should help the animals and how you can help.

    Over at Union Elementary School, our fourth-grade class is trying to make a difference. Weíre raising money for World Wildlife Fund, a group that collects money for endangered animals. Weíve also been learning about certain animals that are endangered, so that weíre experts on them. We are trying to spread awareness about the problem so that animals everywhere have a chance to live.

    Most people donít see how important animals are to our ecosystem. If endangered predators become extinct, then the creatures they eat will overpopulate, the thing that they eat will run out and the animals that eat the same thing as that animal ate will die, and so on until all of the life forms on Earth will be gone. If you understood everything I just wrote, then good for you.

    Some important threats to lots of endangered animals are habitat loss and poachers. Letís start with poachers. Poachers kill animals for their skins and other body parts. Itís quite disgusting. The way they kill elephants is just ghastly. The poacher kills an elephant, saws off its tusks and waits. Then the elephants all come around the dead elephant in a kind of mourning ritual. Then the poacher kills all of the elephants that came to mourn. Itís really sad.

    So, Iím just asking you to help the animals. Thatís what weíre trying to do here in our classroom because we know that animals matter. If you like animals, then help them. Animals are dying everywhere. Help save the animals!

    Olivia T.


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