• Dog needed better support
    June 11,2013

    Dog needed better support

    On May 31 while driving from Montpelier to Worcester, a dog ran out in front of my friend’s car. He hit the dog and immediately pulled over. Seeing that the dog was badly injured, he picked up the dog and put him in his car then drove to a local vet. It was closed. He headed to a veterinary clinic in Berlin and called them to explain the situation. The woman who answered the phone asked him if he had an appointment. Attempting again to explain the urgency of the situation, she then asked if he was a client at the clinic, when he told her no, she told him that the doctor was not in at the moment. He again asked for assistance, to which she replied that the doctor was busy all day and would not have time to see him. He continued telling her this was an emergency, he had an injured dog in the car and asked if he could please bring the dog over. She refused his request and gave him the number for Onion River Animal Hospital, which was five to 10 minutes farther away. He called Onion River and they told him to come over immediately. Unfortunately, the dog died during the drive.

    In emergencies, veterinarians have an ethical responsibility to provide essential services for animals when necessary to save a life or relieve suffering. Obviously not all veterinarians adhere to such standards.

    Holly Leach


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