• Dude, where’s my country?
    June 11,2013

    Dude, where’s my country?

    Welcome to 1984, the book, not the year. Big Brother is officially watching and has been for some time. The NSA has finally come forward and admitted to eavesdropping on millions of innocent Americans’ cell calls and emails. Their huge data mining storage facility has opened in Utah and will give them the ability to store and search through every phone call and data transaction of every human on Earth. Is this the power that We the People granted to our government as our founders crafted the Constitution? We as a people and a nation have drifted so far away from the solid rock our forefathers left us that we are hopelessly adrift in a sea of complacency and apathy in regard to the direction our government is now leading us. They (Washington) are supposed to work for us. They are to do the job that we, the taxpayers deem necessary. As they data-mine each U.S. citizen they are considering everyone guilty until proven innocent. How did this stop the two bombers in Boston this spring? It didn’t — we were warned by the Russians about the older brother, and the powers that be did nothing. Our freedom and liberties are being stripped by the present regime, the past regime, and probably the next regime to come into power in D.C. We the taxpaying, law-abiding citizens cannot stand divided on these important issues. This is not a Republican or a Democrat problem, it is an out-of-control central government that seeks to increase its power and grip on the American public. When is enough, enough? How bad does this need to get? I urge everyone to call Mr. Leahy, Sanders and Welch. Voice your opinion, join organizations like Freedom Works who seek a smaller, more obedient government. Evil wins when good men fail to stand.

    George Diedrich


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