• Much ado, indeed
    May 18,2013

    Much ado, indeed

    I must take a moment to respond to the letter in a recent Times Argus, “Much ado about nothing.” The author maintains that the congressional investigation into the handling of the Benghazi incident is a red herring meant to distract us from the real problems (which I assume is raising taxes to fund a bigger out-of-control government and stripping us of our constitutional right, correct?).

    Yes, the military is responsible for security of all embassy personnel. What is conveniently overlooked is that there were forces prepared to offer aid that were ordered to stand down (not to mention previous requests for more security that were ignored by the State Department). And why were State Department officials ordered to not cooperate with Congressman Jason Chafitz, who was on the ground there hours later?

    These things are always conveniently the actions of “low-level officials” in this administration (just like the IRS scandal). Just the day before, an editorial in The Times Argus described the IRS scandal as “the first major scandal of the Obama administration.” My count is up to five or six (Fast and Furious, Solyndra, Benghazi, IRS, AP — and these are just the big ones that even his lapdog media outlets can’t overlook).

    The military’s job, indeed. Who is the top-ranking military official? Yes, that would be the commander in chief. With Watergate, all that mattered was “what did the president know and when did he know it.” Now it’s “what difference does it make” (and nobody died in the Watergate scandal).

    In conclusion, Congress is indeed at work (for a change), actively seeking to get to the bottom of the latest scandal in the most corrupt administration of my lifetime.

    Keith Zandy


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