• Why we need guns
    May 10,2013

    Why we need guns

    I feel it necessary to voice logical contradiction to the letter in Thursday’s Times Argus regarding a push for gun control.

    First of all, where are any of our constitutional rights limited outside the language of the Constitution itself?

    Second, the Second Amendment is specifically written to provide us protection from the government. Period. It has nothing to do with sporting use. Nothing. If the government decides to turn its arms inward, all of those serving the government will have a decision to make that I do not envy. The “effective weapon” described as the ballot box is useless as we are now faced with a society that takes its direction from a corrupt media feeding the small-minded parrots pellets of distorted information to serve their own goals.

    Third, if guns are illegal, only criminals will have guns does not need further illustration of its pure logic. Please. Enforce the laws we have first, and then re-examine.

    Guns don’t kill people without a human intervention, and if there were no guns there would still be murderers. Please take a look at the statistics of some of the most gun-restrictive cities in the country and compare them to similar cities (population/demographic-wise) and try to make the argument.

    Placing qualifiers in the hands of a broken bureaucracy is a short path to total disarmament, which is exactly what an oppressive government would want. Again, this has nothing to do with sporting use; this has to do with protecting ourselves from whatever threat we may face. I would ask the authors: How many times have you had to defend yourself or your family to conclude “you don’t need a 30-round magazine,” though I agree the design of the grip is meaningless.

    Nothing in the recently proposed gun legislation would have done anything to stop the Sandy Hook tragedy. Nothing. Sadly, the only thing that would have stopped it would have been a bullet. I know uncomfortable facts are difficult for progressives, as they don’t have a close relationship with facts, but it is what it is. Owning a firearm for self-defense and the defense of one’s family is a huge responsibility, not to be taken lightly. I have no quarrels with those unwilling to, or too cowardly to, take responsibility for their well-being. What I will not stand for is their intent to deprive me of my right and responsibility to protect myself and my family.

    Keith Zandy


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