• Landfill seeking to stay open longer
     | May 07,2013

    MORETOWN — The company that owns the Moretown Landfill is seeking to keep the landfill open longer while it appeals a denial of recertification.

    Advanced Disposal filed a motion with the state’s environmental court Friday. It asks that the landfill be able to keep operating throughout its appeal of the Agency of Natural Resources’ decision in March to deny recertification of the landfill’s Cell Three.

    The landfill was ordered by the agency to close April 15, but the court granted it a 90-day stay after Advanced Disposal appealed the denial of recertification.

    Advanced Disposal released a statement giving four reasons the indefinite stay should be granted. It said the agency’s facts about odor and groundwater pollution did not support the action to deny the recertification; if the landfill has to close, drastic action would have to be taken, irreparably harming the employees and customers of the landfill; giving the landfill more time would not cause any more harm to the agency or other parties involved; and a longer stay is in the public’s best interest because the landfill “provides an important and somewhat scarce public service” to the residents.

    The statement also said the Moretown Select Board submitted an affidavit as part of the motion in support of the landfill and Advanced Disposal’s efforts to fight the odor and groundwater issues.

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