• Restoring a sacred landmark
    May 03,2013

    Restoring a sacred landmark

    In response to the recent letter regarding the removal of trees at Christ Episcopal Church, Montpelier, we thought it was important to share the following information to our community.

    Christ Episcopal Church has begun a multiyear campaign to continue restoring this historic Gothic church to its original splendor. Since it was first built in 1868, Christ Episcopal Church has been both a spiritual home and a sacred landmark within the greater Montpelier community for 145 years. Over the next several years, Christ Church plans to complete the following renovations that will be addressed in phases:

    Phase I: Courtyard renovation including the installation of new landscaping, improved benches, and the addition of new paver stones. A hedge of arborvitae and five new red maple shade trees will be planted in May.

    Phase II: Reconstruction and refurbishment of the church’s bell tower.

    Phase III: Reconstruction and rebuilding of stonework to the church’s northwest corner.

    Completion of this project will require numerous sources of funding. We are grateful to our neighbors, local businesses, and civic organizations who have begun to offer their financial support toward making these renovations become a reality. At Christ Church, we are striving to become a “cathedral in the capital city” as we reinvest both in our sacred landmark and in the Montpelier community. We hope that in time, our historic church will become a spiritual, cultural, civic and ecumenical gathering place for all the people of greater Montpelier. Thank you for your patience and support as we restore one of Montpelier’s historic and sacred landmarks.

    The Rev. Paul Habersang


    The writer is the reverend at Christ Episcopal Church.

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