• Not a done deal yet
    May 02,2013

    Not a done deal yet

    I write this letter in strong objection to the fact that the state of Vermont is moving toward putting more and more state employees into rented housing. Specifically, I am speaking toward the Agency of Education moving to Barre in a building that is not owned by the state. We, the taxpayers of Vermont, are wasting and putting an exorbitant amount of money into landlords’ coffers, which only makes someone else richer. If indeed new working facilities need to be acquired then let’s look at the long run and build or renovate current buildings that the state of Vermont (aka all of us) has purchased and will own for the generations to come. Current practice has shown that getting into rented housing provides very inadequate substandard working facilities for employees. I know from firsthand experience. I worked for more than 31 years at the state office building in Montpelier and for the past five years have been in a rented facility. There is no comparison with not having a state-maintained facility to work in with state standards for maintenance.

    So what can we do? The move to Barre is not a done deal yet. It has not been funded by the Legislature. If you want to make a difference then contact your local legislators and voice a strong opinion not to fund this project or others that detract from state employees working in state-owned and -maintained facilities. Let’s make for a better financial and work place for all of us who work and live in the state of Vermont.

    Steve Morse


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