• New hearing in Vt. death case
    May 01,2013

    ST. JOHNSBURY — A former Vermont woman who served prison time for her role in the killing of her stepmother in 2000 is asking to be free from the restrictions of probation.

    Tashia Beer was accused of persuading her foster brother to shoot Vicki Campbell-Beer of Lyndon. Beer was 14 at the time. She pleaded guilty to manslaughter and served six years before being released from prison and placed on indefinite probation.

    Now 28 and married and living in Las Vegas, Tashia Francis has asked to be released from her probation.

    “This offense was committed by Ms. Francis nearly half a lifetime ago,” her attorney Pamela Marsh wrote in a motion filed on March 11. “She has been punished long enough.”

    Caledonia County State’s Attorney Lisa Warren has opposed the request.

    “This is a murder case,” Warren said Monday in court. “The burden is on her to show the court that she’s been rehabilitated, to show the court she’s not a danger to public safety.”

    Judge Mary Miles Teachout granted Warren’s request for a hearing, the Caledonian-Record reported.

    Beer said in a statement that she is a changed person who works and supports two young children.

    Beer’s father Randy said he would not fight her request.

    “I wish her to continue to be a productive citizen and progress in her life for her sake and for the sake of my grandchildren,” Randy Beer wrote on March 13. “I also believe at some point that I must let time begin to heal wounds; this doesn’t mean I have forgotten the circumstances that took a precious loved one away from me and all who loved her.”

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