• Company to launch Vt outdoors travel app in spring
     | April 27,2013

    Green Mountain Digital, of Woodstock, is developing a travel app called Yonder.

    WOODSTOCK — A Woodstock mobile app company aims to make travel easier and more interactive and informative.

    Green Mountain Digital is launching an app in late spring called Yonder. Yonder catalogs more than 20,000 outdoor activities and destinations so users can obtain and share information.

    Yonder will allow people to share their experiences through written submissions, photos, videos and recommendations. Green Mountain Digital CEO Dave Roberts said outdoors enthusiasts are very passionate about the places they visit. Finding out what motivates them, how they spend their time and what they recommend is more accessible than ever.

    “There was a blank space where it was really difficult to find out where one could recreate in the outdoors,” Roberts said. “This is a whole new social platform phenomenon. We’re now moving away from seeking expert advice to what ordinary people are saying.”

    Roberts described Yonder as “a cross between Yelp and Instagram.” Yelp is a Web-based directory where individuals rate and comment on local businesses and services, while Instagram allows people to share photos with friends, family members and social networks.

    Justine Riegel, marketing and media manager at Green Mountain Digital, said travelers can go to Yonder, pick a destination and find out what people are saying.

    “Users will be able read descriptions of places, find directions and phone numbers and read people’s notes and experiences. It’s all about connecting people with outdoor experiences,” Riegel said.

    Riegel said activities and destinations will be arranged by tags for easy-to-find searches, and Yonder will connect with social media outlets such as Twitter, Facebook and more. The app is still in the development stages, but Riegel and Roberts believe mobile app use will continue to grow, especially for outdoor travel.

    “The move to mobile hand-held devices is accelerating, and it has caught many people by surprise,” Roberts said. “Discovery is becoming cutting edge in mobile. With Yonder, you’re being introduced to things and places you didn’t know that existed.”

    Green Mountain Digital is a digital media producer with 65 apps on outdoor activities. To learn more, visit www.greenmountaindigital.com.



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