• A story worth telling
    April 24,2013

    A story worth telling

    I appreciate Jim Lowe’s article about Lost Nation Theater’s upcoming production of “Ransom,” a musical play inspired by Vermont Civil War soldiers’ letters, that is scheduled to open this weekend. The article conveys the spirit and enthusiasm this drama has inspired since its inception and original production by the White River Valley Players in 2010, but regretfully omits key individuals who are central to the creation of the play.

    “Ransom” did come about after Joe Schenkman discovered and shared the writings of Ransom W. Towle with Dick and Dorothy Robson, as Lowe states, but Joe’s involvement did not end there. Dick wrote the play collaboratively with Joe, who is a mutual copyright owner, April Dodd and Ethan Bowen.

    This is indeed a Vermont story. Per capita, Vermont gave more men to the great cause than any other state, and the town of Rochester gave more men to that war than any other town in the United States. Remarkably, the greatest number of Rochester men came from the small hillside farming community of West Rochester and are called the West “R” Boys by our hero Ransom W. Towle.

    I am grateful that LNT recognized the theatrical significance and integrity of this play with music by Dorothy Robson and Jake Wildwood, which portrays the compelling story of commitment and sacrifice made by Vermonters 150 years ago.

    Kathryn Schenkman


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