• Barre police log: Unruly dogs and teens reported
    April 23,2013

    The following is a sampling of calls to Barre police in recent days.

    April 15

    Someone broke a window on Summer Street.

    A neighbor’s pit bull attacked a woman’s dog on Seminary Street.

    Someone was going door to door selling gold and silver.

    A woman locked her keys in her running vehicle with her kids inside on Bergeron Street.

    On Maple Avenue, a “beagle-type” dog attacked people who were walking by.

    April 16

    A strong smell of propane was coming from North Seminary Street.

    Two 16-year-olds were riding their bicycles in and out of traffic on North Main Street.

    April 17

    A black-and-brown dog was running loose on French Street.

    On South Main Street, a 25-year-old woman was walking in the middle of the road.

    Someone on Walnut Street refused to give a man his cat back and threatened to harm the cat.

    A neighbor’s dogs attacked a Summer Street resident’s cats, which were being walked on leashes.

    Kids were throwing stones at a woman’s house on Camp Street.

    April 18

    A “shepherd-type” dog was running in a woman’s yard on Hill Street.

    On North Main Street, a man wearing an orange jumpsuit was going in between buildings while carrying a trash bag and duffel bag.

    A two-car accident occurred on Prospect Street around 12:15 p.m. No injuries were reported.

    April 19

    Someone found a golf bag and golf clubs on their lawn on Liberty Street.

    Some teenagers stole a street sign at the intersection of Prospect Street and Fairview Street.

    A neighbor dumped a bucket of water on a Summer Street resident.

    April 20

    A 2006 Chevrolet truck was damaged with a key on Summer Street.

    Tools were stolen from a Brook Street residence.

    A man was urinating facing traffic on North Main Street.

    April 21

    A teenage boy with a gun was chasing a skunk on Park Street.

    Someone stole a woman’s iPhone on South Main Street.

    On North Main Street, someone stole a woman’s wallet.

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