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    April 20,2013

    Northfield Middle High School

    High Honors

    6th Grade: Abigail Burr, Mariel Dunn, Amara Freeman, Matthew Hagenlocher, Chiara Smith.

    7th Grade: Garrett Bean, Anya Hoagland.

    8th Grade: Christian Bolding, Gabrielle Cicio, Abigail Detrick, Lydia Reed.

    9th Grade: Simon Hoffman, Emma Stephens.

    11th Grade: Ashley Heaney, Shannon Hourigan, Michael Passalacqua, Darby Smith, Adam Steward.

    12th Grade: Kristina Bennett, Luke Farley.

    Principals List

    6th Grade: Corie Amell, Emma Arguin, Alyssa Atwood, Camden Bean, Sabrina Bean, Jordan Chamberlin, Lexus Jarvis, Lauren Johnson, Shylah King, Patrick Linehan, Amber Michelson, Sarah Moore, Grace Moriath, Amelia Wrigley.

    7th Grade: Elizabeth Andrew, Sarah Angelillo, Kayla Audette, Andrea Burnell, Rowan Crawford-Stempel, Bridget Doney, Alexander Goodman, Seth Hurley, Paul Linehan, Samuel Marble, Madison Nintzel, Julia Passalacqua, Makayla Pixley, Maia Robinson, Kyra White, Brock Wrigley.

    8th Grade: Courtney Amell, Catherine Donahue, Kalysta Martel, Analiese Morvan, Kristin Smith, Alec Steward.

    9th Grade: Lindsay Albee, Lucianna Bailey, Thomas Burnell, Mallory Dutil, Eric Gerdes, Rachel Gordon, Baylee Lambert, William Noyes, Kaitlyn Perry, Emily Slocum, Morgan Smith, Taylor Woodbury, Morgan Wrigley, Warren Yacawych.

    10th Grade: Rachael Barney, Sapphire Doney, Wil Hallstrom, Haley Koenig, Taylor Nash, Rhiannon Page, Alexa Slocum, Daniel Smith, Rachael Townsend.

    11th Grade: Hillary Amell, Danielle Doney, Heid Hammer, Julia Hatch, Lydia Hoffman, Mackenzie Nash, Madison Robbins, Dylan Robinson, Jackson Tucker, Sarah Whaley, Ashley White.

    12th Grade: Kaylee Baker, Cole Barney, Emily Fish, Peter Hagenlocher, Kaitlyn Kelsey, Kyle Lamorey, Gabriel McLean, Mehgan McMullen, Emmalee Osborne, Kayla Striebe.

    Honors List

    6th Grade: Brianna Aldsworth, Nolan Bean, Samuel Beebe, Hadarah Bock, Autumn Chamberlin, Adam Gadbois, Zachary Jackman-Baker, Austin Jarvis, Bryce MacDougall, Mayla McIntyre, Emanuel Mercado, Dakota Miller, Jennifer Reagan, Johnathan Slocum, Hailey Smith, Maia Smith, Cole Tucker.

    7th Grade: Isabelle Beebe, Jennifer Bussiere, Jackson Clayton, Renee Herring, Molly Kimball, Savannah King, Jade Law, Conner MacDougall, Nicholas Medow, Catherine Miles, Matthew Paquette, Jacob Preston, Harris Slesar, Ayrin Southworth, Brandon Tessier, Mariah Vilbrin,

    8th Grade: Paul Bean, Kyle Booth, Ahlexus Dukette, Olivia Forcier, Noah Prior, Nicole Ruel, Ador Susmann, Tayler White, Matthew Wright.

    9th Grade: Devin Austin, Savannah Bischoff, Gage Buchanan, Christian Casson, Michael Cetrangolo, William Dickinson, Chase Ellis, Matthew Matheson, Sara Matheson, Nathan Ranker, Caelan Robbins, Emma Stephens, Evan Warner.

    10th Grade: Cody Bassett, Patrick Bean, Keegan Brown, Bridget Cetrangolo, Dylan Currier, Drew Lindner, Lindsey Maloney, Brennon Martel, Calen Reed, Steven Sayers, Kaylee Weston, Allison White, Sienna Wuorinen.

    11th Grade: Cheyenne Barnaby-Baker, Casey Baroffio, Natasha Brightly, Olivia Bussiere, Matthew Daley, Chris Davis, Fiona Giguere, Anouck Hakvoort, Naomi Herring, Aurora Hoey, Tyler Langley, Heather Langlois, John Marotta, Bradley Medow, Baylee Morway, Spencer Robtoy, Janis Vilbrin, Brent Waters, Bailey Wheeler.

    12th Grade: Danielle Davidson, Taylor Elmer, Kira Furman, Devon Lindner, Ryan Payette, Brandon Pedley.

    Barre City Elementary & Middle School

    3rd Quarter

    High Honors

    5th Grade: Madison Henderson, Aliza Lindley, Emily McMahon, Makena Plant, Emma Riddle.

    6th Grade: Makayla Chouinard, Colleen Couture, Samantha Gill-Owen, Alice Hammond, Calista Hanna, Kyle Harris, Jamie Heath, Mary Howe, Carmellitta Le, Zoe MacDonald, Grace Pierce, Faith Redmond, Lia Rubel, Parker Spaulding.

    7th Grade: Zoe Atkins, Connor Coache, Lauren Folland, Whitney Renaud, Boris Simonenko, Jeffrey Steinman.

    8th Grade: Nicholas Adams, Baylee Boucher, Brynn Boucher, Madelyn Fowler, Alexandrea Holland, Emily Pierce, Joseph Reese, Gianna Somarriba, Isabel Thornton, Jacquelyn Winkler.


    5th Grade: Caleb Burns, Iris Carter, Kristina Callahan, Taylor D’Agostino, Devan Deppisch, Samantha Hays, Emily Henry, Julian Lopez, Kadin Murphy, Oscar Peake, Rebekah Russell, Julia White, Gavin Willett.

    6th Grade: Natasha Chase, Nathan Clarke, Mycheala Crossett, Chantel Hough, Imran Lajeunesse, Ricardo Little, Seth Luce, Faith Mason, Jillian McGary, Camryn Murphy, Kyle Proteau, Lillian Riddle, Alexis Schafer, Tina Taylor.

    7th Grade: Dylan D’Agostino, Mackenzie Dunster, Erika Felch, Marilyn Henderson, Muskan Lajeunesse, Chloe’ Lamphere, Alick Lord, Hannah McMahon, Cody Merchant, Ryan Palmisano, Jasmine Sawyer, Kloey Taylor.

    8th Grade: Chloe Anderson, Kasey Ashford, Cort Ballard, Brandon Bedard, Nicholas Boozan, Safija Cajic’, Colin Chateauvert, Alexis Eichhorn, Shanice Facey, Kaitlyn Friot, Hannah Fuller, Lyza Giroux, Elizabeth Howe, Davina Kirk, Carli Harris, Sydney Jarvis, Joshua LaFlower, Elexis Lussier, Nicole Michaud, Elana Paddock, Samantha Philbrook, Alexis Piro, Jayvian Poitras, Kevin Raper, Cody Roya, Kennen Soriano, Brianna Vance, Reginald Webster, Autumn Wheeler, Erica White, Brittany Wood.

    Young heroes

    BERLIN — Parent Josh Badger hadn’t felt completely well for several days, but never expected to be crediting his three elementary school aged children with the 9-1-1 phone call that may have saved his life.

    Badger began to feel acutely ill after a family outing to a local restaurant on March 23. The first signs of trouble were difficulty with his vision, namely, seeing multiples of objects. After arriving home his children helped him remove his coat and boots and sit down. Minutes later, Badger reports he had a seizure, striking his head on the family piano and landing unconscious on the floor.

    Badger’s three children, Cole, 11, Clay, 10, and Chelsea, 8, all students at Berlin Elementary, took immediate action.

    “I was in the kitchen and heard someone fall,” Cole Badger said. “And then I saw Chelsea pointing to our dad.”

    What the children didn’t realize was that several days of illness had resulted in their father’s dehydration and inability to keep down his anti-seizure medication, and that his body no longer contained the therapeutic medication level necessary to prevent seizures.

    It was Clay Badger who placed the potentially life-saving 911 phone call to Emergency Medical Services. “I told them that my dad had a seizure, then I told them where we lived,” Clay Badger said.

    As Clay Badger remained on the line and answered a series of questions from the emergency dispatcher, Cole Badger put the family’s dogs in another room and Chelsea Badger stayed near her father. For several minutes, until the arrival of the ambulance, the three took turns tending to their father, who remained unconscious. Clay Badger went outside to flag down emergency responders.

    Josh Badger awoke during his ambulance ride to the hospital and is on track to make a full recovery.

    “I knew it would eventually happen,” he said of having a seizure with his children present. “We had a plan for what to do in the event that we were in the car, but not for this.”

    “They are my heroes,” Josh Badger said of his children during an interview from the Berlin School. “They are amazing. I can never repay them enough.”

    — Chris Dodge, principal

    Teri Lazzara of Groton won first place in the Fifth Annual Public Speaking contest at Western New England University. A senior majoring in communication, Lazzara delivered a persuasive speech urging listeners to support the Make-A-Wish Foundation. The competition was open to all undergraduate students and was sponsored by the Department of Communication.

    Mika Hongyu of Montpelier received the 2013 Alfred L. & Ruby C. Davis Leadership Award from Rochester Institute of Technology during a ceremony April 10.

    The following local residents earned degrees from Union Institute & University:

    Joshua Stumpff of Chelsea has earned a Master of Arts with a focus in Clinical Mental Health Counseling.

    Melissa Wheeler of East Montpelier has earned a Master of Education with a focus in Curriculum & Instruction.

    Central Vermont Medical Center

    A son, Calahan John Gray Farnham, was born on April 8, 2013, to Amanda Gray and Brian Farnham of Barre Town.

    A son, Kallum Jaxon Dulac, was born on April 10, 2013, to Ashley Metevier and Ian Dulac of Barre.

    A son, Owen James Welch, was born on April 11, 2013, to Carissa Gilbert and Micheal Welch of Washington.

    A son, Colin Riley Tuller, was born on April 12, 2013, to Melissa (Fuller) and Chris Tuller of East Calais.

    A son, Henry Lewis Talbert, was born on April 12, 2013, to Frances (Low) and Matthew Talbert of Montpelier.

    Fletcher Allen Health Care

    A son, Aiden Michael Jewett, was born on March 2, 2013, to Sara and Nathaniel Jewett of Williston.

    A son, Kaeden L. Fisk, was born on March 19, 2013, to Kimberly Fisk and Joshua Ashley of Williamstown.

    Copley Hospital

    A son, Chase Worthington Davey, was born on March 29, 2013, to David and Sheena Davey of Wolcott.

    A daughter, Olivia Jeannine Lora, was born on April 9, 2013, to Antonio and Kristin Lora of Waterbury.

    A son, Carter William Tilton, was born on April 11, 2013, to Dustin Lumbra and lucas Tilton of Jeffersonville.

    A daughter, Lillian Rose Hayford, was born on April 11, 2013, to Ashley Brown and Zachary Hayford of Waterville.

    Gifford Medical Center

    A daughter, Hannah Grace Perry, was born on March 27, 2013, to Erin and William Perry or Clarendon.


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