• Response made issue clearer
    April 17,2013

    Response made issue clearer

    First I would like to thank Gov. Shumlin for taking the time to reply.

    His response reinforces that knowing consequences may complicate if not negate a seemingly simple solution.

    My suggestion to stop issuing front registration plates and making use of a small billboard on the front of all Vermont vehicles by selling “official” Vermont alternatives such as a plate to support “Fish&Game,”“VTParks,”“CleanEnergy,”“VTLottery,”“Education.” The proceeds of which could go directly to that state budget seems naively simple when you consider the consequences of removing the plate.

    “Although the Legislature has made a temporary exception for Vermont Strong license plates, the Department of Motor Vehicles and the Department of Public Safety continue to be strong advocates for requiring front and rear license plates. This is especially important for law enforcement. Additionally, the DMV has reviewed the success rate of other states who have removed the requirement for the front plate. In order to save costs, some states simply advised residents to take their front plates off and destroy them. However, in these states, the second plates started showing up on different vehicles, causing significant cost and enforcement resources. For states that made the switch successfully, it required a statewide license plate re-issue, at an expensive cost to the state. ... We do plan to keep the front plate issue in mind as we learn from our ‘I Am Vermont Strong’ campaign,” he responded.

    I never gave a second thought to what happens to the front plate. This simple suggestion makes clear the need to have all the facts before assuming anything.

    Alfred S. Blakey


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