• Commission continues with rezoning agenda
     | April 09,2013

    Planning Commissioners, staff, and a handful of other residents and stakeholders continued discussion of how to write the new city zoning ordinance on Monday night.

    As Montpelier embraces a view towards creating much needed housing across all levels of ages and income there is hope that through a simplified though diligent zoning ordinance developers will be encouraged to build those housing units without the city surrendering the vitality of its essential historic downtown, green spaces, and cultural and educational institutions.

    “There is a traditional Vermont village where people live, work, and can walk to their services. Then out from there would be what we’re conceiving of as the suburban area...far enough away that people have to drive, then further out would be the rural district.” said Commissioner Jon Anderson.

    The meeting centered around how future zoning allows for the development of particular parcels of property including the area around Crestview Drive owned by Planning Commissioner Alan Goldman, Sabin Pasture and the Towne Street neighborhoods.

    The proposed district into which each parcel falls would require 10 acre lots, with two units allowed on each lot, but if a developer wanted in addition to cluster or build 20% affordable housing, they could receive a building bonus of up to 1000 percent.

    “Montpelier is a great place to live and people should have the opportunity to live here,” said Jack McCullough of the Montepelier Housing Task Force.

    “The master plan recognizes and establishes the need for additional housing. Montpelier has the infrastructure, water, sewer, educational facilities, every element to support a substantial increase in our population.”

    For the complete story, see Wednesday's Times Argus

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