• Art’s a solution
    April 06,2013

    Art’s a solution

    Many people recognize that there is a hand-in-glove relationship between culture and commerce in downtowns around Vermont. The pioneering efforts of artists and art centers create a pulse where it’s been lacking.

    Now, there’s a foot-in-pedal relationship.

    I read the recent article about concerns over lost parking spaces on Main Street in Barre due to the redesign of the streetscape. I began to think, how could art contribute to a solution?

    The Art Bike Racks funded by the Charles Semprebon Fund will help to create an environment conducive to non-motorized, vehicular traffic and encourage people to come to downtown Barre and engage in a manner that we all want, slowing down and enjoying all that the downtown offers. Moreover, the Art Bike Racks will create alternative parking and help make up for the loss of parking spaces.

    We are unveiling the first two Art Bike Racks at SPA today from 2:30 to 4 p.m.

    Come by and see them.

    Sue Higby


    The writer is executive director of Studio Place Arts, or SPA.

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