• Ash borer might be in NH
    April 06,2013

    CONCORD, N.H. — An invasive beetle that has beleaguered 18 other states including Massachusetts and Connecticut might now be in New Hampshire.

    The emerald ash borer, originally from China, has killed millions of ash trees nationwide since being discovered in Michigan in 2002. It’s often spread by people transporting firewood, and much of the outreach nationally has focused on a “Don’t Move Firewood” campaign.

    State entomologist Piera Siegert said Friday that a tree in the Concord-area is showing signs of stress indicative of the beetle’s presence. She also discovered what she believes is ash borer larvae, but a federal specialist must confirm her findings. Siegert and others are meeting with Agriculture Commissioner Lorraine Merrill on Friday to discuss the situation.

    “This is something we’ve been prepared for. (The ash borer) is in neighboring states and we knew it was somewhat inevitable that it would make its way up here,” Merrill said.

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