• Jail stops banana peel smoking
    April 06,2013

    AUBURN, Maine — Administrators at a Maine jail have ordered kitchen staff to peel bananas before they’re served to inmates, and the jail has stopped serving oranges entirely, because prisoners have been drying and smoking the peels.

    Lt. Jeff Chute of the Androscoggin County Jail in Auburn said the peel smoking has been a problem for six or eight months.

    Chute said guards were tipped off by a strong tobacco-like smell that was traced to the peels.

    He said there’s an urban legend out there that smoking dried peels and rinds can give the user some sort of high. He said that’s not true.

    He told the Sun Journal that all smoking is banned in the jail. Inmates have been using smuggled lighters or altered electrical outlets to spark the fruity smokes.

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