• Everyone should pay
    March 30,2013

    Everyone should pay

    I am the head custodian at Main Street Middle School in Montpelier.

    We have undergone a revamp of our security. It was a necessity. After recent events, we were asked to review our policies.

    We decided, in committee, right away, that control of access to our school buildings was a priority.

    It was suggested that no one should have access, or keys, to our school buildings unless they were school employees. (Common practice for school districts that have working safety plans.) Pretty simple, right?

    This meant changing locks; because so many people in the area had keys to our building, and had enjoyed years of unsupervised gym use. We changed the locks at Main Street Middle School at great cost. It was initially accepted, but we have apparently gotten “push-back” from several groups. Especially the groups who have been freeloading on the school system’s tab for years. It cost us money to heat the rental area, electric for lights, and now, (thanks to our finally updated attitude about security), employee coverage. Do you want to lower school costs? Let’s make non-school groups pay to use our facilities and gyms. Make pay-to-play groups, like AAU and any other non-school groups pay our costs to use our facilities. We’re not looking to profit, just to not spend taxpayer dollars on free loaders.

    Handing out keys is not good safety practice, may leave us open to lawsuit, and costs our schools a small fortune. Let’s not go backward to that. Please, lets go with the committee’s plan; restrict building use by restricting access and requiring the presence of a school employee. And, non-school groups, pay their share.

    David Rapacz


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