• We deserve road safety
    March 29,2013

    We deserve road safety

    I recently heard Tom Salmon on the radio, advising that driving under the influence is a serious offense and to plan ahead whenever you may be faced with driving after imbibing alcohol. Excellent advice.

    I thoroughly laud Mr. Salmon for owning up to his offense, his first, and for the long-term effort he is making to curb this state of DUI offenders. He did not bargain his way out of his situation, he owned up to it.

    Recently we had Mr. Grenier, a fifth-time DUI offender, tying up the courts with a desperate defense of his most recent drunken driving offense. I do not expect to hear Mr. Grenier on my morning radio show. I do believe we need to get tougher with multiple DUI offenders in this state.

    What kind of message do we adults send to teens and young adults when a person is permitted to reoffend this many times, then pretty much get away with it?

    Every time any of us gets behind the wheel impaired, there is the risk that some innocent person or family will be injured or worse.

    Mr. Grenier and other multiple offenders need to spend some time behind bars to drive the point home. He also should be required to undergo counseling and absolutely be required to have an alcohol sensing device installed in his vehicle. Just the alcohol sensor is not enough, however.

    We taxpayers deserve to be safe on Vermont roads, and if it takes a few of us suffering some time behind bars, then so be it. Ask most state troopers how they feel about DUI enforcement in this state and you will get an earful.

    John M. Lynch


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