• Where will it end?
    March 20,2013

    Where will it end?

    The time is coming very fast — uproar, protesting, and it won’t be dancing in the streets.

    We as American taxpaying citizens are just about fed up with how our states and the country are running.

    Don’t all politicians realize this?

    From the littlest person in town government, all the way to the top (Obama).

    We have been tapped out as the nation’s poor and middle class. There is nowhere to go now but down the flusher.

    We can only do so damn much, before we are totally done in. Time is very, very close. Mark my words.

    Be it known if I was a mouse in the corner in the Capitol building in Washington, I would be appalled to hear what was said about everything going on. And how they laugh at what they are doing to us! They fight and argue so much amongst themselves, and at the end of the day when they put on their slippers they laugh.

    They all need to be made to come out of Washington and walk a mile in our shoes before they should be able to run for office.

    I mean live with the poor and middle class for one month and get the real look at crap going on.

    How can some of these old politicians not know what is happening? Because their butts are safe for as long as they live, making themselves safe in their pensions, health care and every other aspect of their lives and their families. They exempt themselves from all they tell us we have to pay for.

    Yup, the American way.

    If we expect to change things we all have to think about where we want to be in the next four years.

    I for one will continue to call or write whoever I can from now on to tell them what I think, and in no uncertain terms.

    Get the biggest cardboard boxes ready and line them good. We are headed.

    Greed, corruption, thieving, and no caring, and just plain don’t give a crap about us taxpayers is what is happening — all to take care of the rich and protect their pockets when this country goes down.

    I say shut down all imports to start, and if we run out of stuff, make it here. Give jobs back to the Americans, and make exemptions to business owners bringing the jobs back. It is all in getting people back to work. Make people do urine tests every time they go for welfare. If they can afford tattoos and drugs, beer and other nonessentials, they can work.

    Make every company’s books public.

    Fuel tax, sugar tax, tax, tax, tax. When does it all come to a head?

    Linda Fordham

    West Berlin

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