• Barre City School Board at it again
    March 19,2013

    They’re at it again

    I hope others in the Barre community are as sick and tired as I am over the “games” the Barre City Elementary and Middle School plays each budget season. And they are at it again.

    In Wednesday’s Times Argus it was stated that the school board is going to put before the taxpayers whether busing should continue in Barre. What a cop-out. I would hate to be a member of that board if this budget item is defeated. I believe the mindset of this board is that citizens will not want busing to stop and will vote in the school budget. Guess again.

    The board has made no attempt to reduce the budget as was initially submitted and voted down. Simply removing the busing expense and making it a separate budget item, and finding out they had overestimated health insurance costs, is not changing the budget at all. And then still including the assistant principal (which is not needed), and asking for a revote on the resource officer. The citizens voted no on the resource officer; what would be the difference now? And $61,000 is budgeted for that position. I thought Barre City paid half the salary — is this the total salary, or does Barre contribute more that is included in the city budget?

    I sincerely hope a resubmitted, nearly unchanged budget is defeated by an even greater margin. Then, perhaps this board will really take a look at what can be eliminated, rather than intimidating taxpayers with the threat of harm that will be done to students if the budget doesn’t pass. The only harm would be the continued mismanagement of this budget.

    Linda G. Shambo


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