• Let’s just tax it all
    March 14,2013

    Let’s just tax it all

    I see after a brief defeat in Montpelier, the additional sugar tax per ounce on soft drinks has come back for consideration by lawmakers.

    What I never saw explained was how/if they were going to exclude diet soft drinks or whether they were just going to try to slip that by us to generate more revenue.

    I understand their agenda: to tax and then possibly educate those among us who are too stupid, and too ignorant to realize that all “empty calories” if consumed in excess can add to a person’s weight problem.

    A noble cause if it would work. I would however, question whether all of the tax monies collected would go to this purpose and would not be hijacked into another’s pet project. Further, I firmly believe that it is impossible to legislate cures for a person being dumb and being unwilling to correct a lifestyle that is affecting their life and the lives of their children. There are numerous products available to flavor water, which is calorie free, that do not add calories or caffeine to it. The caffeine is another potential problem for children that I have yet to hear being addressed in this discussion. I find it difficult to believe that a person drinking so many soft drinks as to become overweight would not also eventually have another health problem from ingesting too much caffeine. Hey, another source of revenue — tax the caffeine, too.

    If these “nanny state” do-gooders are really serious about their attempt to stamp out obesity by imposing a tax on sugar in soft drinks then I would offer them this suggestion: tax everything else on the store shelf that contains “empty calories.” This would include chips of all sorts, all candy, ice cream, most if not all pastries, cookies, chocolate milk, most of the cereals kids like, milk shakes ... and the list goes on. I almost forgot, how about a sugar tax on maple syrup? It is sweet. Sugar? Just think of all of the tax dollars available.

    But would it work? I seriously doubt it. What it would do is further reduce the amount of money a family might have available for worthwhile expenditures such as winterizing their home themselves instead of waiting for someone to do it for them at taxpayers’ expense.

    Can you imagine someone doing something for themselves, with their money and not waiting for some legislator to come to their rescue by imposing an “energy tax” on all of the rest of us? The law, if passed, would create another level of bureaucracy that would need additional staff to direct it with six-figure salaries.

    Ray Morton


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