• Rude awakening: City resident jumps out of bed to interrupt burglary
     | March 08,2013
    Anthony Edwards / Staff Photo

    Police officers use a trained dog to track a burglary suspect Thursday morning on Williams Street in Rutland.

    A city resident dressed in only his boxer shorts ran after a burglar who tried to break down his bedroom door Thursday morning, according to Rutland City Police.

    Officers were called to Library Avenue at just after 10:30 a.m. by a man who told police he was awakened by an intruder trying to force his way into the bedroom.

    The resident told police he opened the door to find a man he’d never seen before standing outside his upstairs bedroom.

    The intruder bolted for the door, followed by the resident, who police did not identify. Interviewed at his home Thursday, the man declined to allow his name to be used.

    Police said the chase ended in the middle of the street outside the home, where the resident grabbed the intruder’s jacket and yanked him to an abrupt stop.

    A brief verbal exchange followed, police said, with the resident demanding to know who the man was. The intruder responding with a name that police believe was false.

    The intruder said he was instructed to go to the home to meet someone, according to police, then demanded that the resident let him go.

    The intruder then ran east toward Grove Street.

    City police along with dogs from the Vermont State Police and state Fish & Wildlife Department tried to follow the suspect’s scent as far as the Rutland transit center several blocks to the south. There, the trail went cold.

    “We think he may have used a vehicle or gotten a ride,” said Rutland Police Sgt. John Sly.

    No one was injured in the incident and no weapons were involved.

    The suspect was described as a white man possibly in his early 20s. He stood about 5 foot 8 to 5 foot 10 inches tall, with dark brown hair and a slender build. The suspect was wearing jeans and a white and tan colored Spyder-style long-sleeved shirt or jacket.

    Police said the intruder left the residence with a yellow pillow case with a floral pattern. Police believe items stolen from the home were inside the pillow case.

    Anyone with information about the incident is asked to call Rutland City Police at 773-1816.

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