• Breer case ready for next steps
    By Eric Blaisdell
     | March 08,2013

    BARRE — Convicted kidnapper Harley Breer Jr. phoned in to court Thursday to discuss how his pending trial on charges including sexual assault, domestic assault and burglary will proceed.

    Breer, 42, and his standby counsel Kelly Green called in to Washington County criminal court for a motion hearing that laid out when depositions would begin next week and how Breer would be transported to them.

    After some discussion, Judge Thomas Zonay said Green would have to coordinate with Court Operations Manager Paula Tremblay to get Washington County sheriff’s deputies to take Breer to the court in Barre for the depositions.

    Having the Department of Corrections take Breer was briefly discussed, but Breer shot that down, saying he did not want to sound “paranoid” but that he has motions before the court about records he wants from the department and did not want anyone from Corrections at his depositions.

    He is being held without bail at Southern State Correctional Facility in Springfield. He was convicted in a high-profile 1999 kidnapping and spent eight years in jail. Now Breer is accused of beating a woman with whom he lived in November 2011. He allegedly stole her car and went on the run before being found.

    The issue that took up most of the hourlong conference call concerned the alleged victim’s cellphone.

    Breer wants to make sure the woman still has a phone and SIM cards — cards that hold a cellphone’s data — that he believes can help his defense. An attorney representing the woman filed a motion to keep Breer from getting the phone because he said it is an extreme request and violates the woman’s privacy.

    A lengthy discussion ensued among Breer, Zonay, Green and State’s Attorney Tom Kelly about what Breer was really looking for and how it affected his case. In the end Green said she would contact the alleged victim’s attorney to see if the woman would bring the phone and cards to court at Breer’s next scheduled hearing Tuesday to show they exist, not so Breer could inspect them.

    Zonay will hear arguments Tuesday about the motion to quash, and he said Thursday he would take the matter into consideration and rule promptly, but would not rule from the bench on the matter.

    During Thursday’s hearing, Breer made several comments about wanting a speedy trial and expressed his displeasure with how everyone got to go home after the hearing, but he has been in jail for 15 months.



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