• Drug suspect held on half-million in bail
     | March 05,2013

    RUTLAND — A Massachusetts man was ordered held on $500,000 bail Monday after he denied charges of heroin and crack cocaine trafficking.

    Eshone L. Williams, 32, of Worcester, Mass., pleaded innocent to the trafficking charges and a misdemeanor charge of providing false information to law enforcement. If convicted of all the offenses, he faces up to 61 years in jail.

    William was arrested Friday night during a police raid at 17½ Park Street in Rutland, according to court records.

    Vermont State Police Trooper Jason Johnson said a team of officers from the Vermont State Police, Rutland County Sheriff’s Department and Rutland Police executed a search warrant at the apartment at 10:30 p.m. Friday.

    When police entered the building, two men, one of them Williams, allegedly tried to flee.

    Johnson said police quickly caught up with him and found 15 grams of crack cocaine and 62 bags of heroin in his pocket as well as $5,760 in cash.

    When he was questioned, Williams allegedly gave police a false name — something Johnson said police learned when they found a jacket belonging to Williams that had a New York Department of Probation form with his name on it in one of the pockets.

    Also found in the jacket were 300 bags of heroin and about 75 grams of crack cocaine, police said.

    In total, police said they found $13,676 in cash inside the residence.

    It was unclear if any of the other people who were inside the apartment were charged, including Justin B. Blake who was the other man who allegedly fled when police entered the apartment, according to court records.

    Johnson said he chased Blake to the railroad tracks near Creed Ice. Police say they found no drugs on Blake but did find $830 on him. Blake’s true identity only became known, Johnson said, after he was fingerprinted.

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