• Offer some alternatives
    March 02,2013

    Offer some alternatives

    Impeding the development of renewable energy in Vermont is to deny that change is an unavoidable effect of progress. The argument that integrating renewable energy would cripple the economies of regions benefitting from the production of nonrenewable resources is nonsensical. When the automobile became available to families across America, there were far less horses to shoe, and blacksmiths inevitably witnessed business decline. But, economic growth continued after the dawn of the automobile. It is not a negative attribute of society to evolve.

    Patriotism requires sacrifice, and while we remain surrounded by a beautiful landscape, we have fellow citizens with decreased life expectancies, polluted land and water, and terminal or chronic illnesses because of the effects of extracting other forms of energy.

    If we are unwilling to erect wind turbines as monuments to Americaís energy future, what then is a reasonable solution? We can no longer take for granted the other regions of the country that already produce so much of our energy. We are both Vermonters and Americans, and we cannot be eternally distanced from effects of a changing world.

    In order to avoid falling victim to an unaffordable energy crisis, to decrease dependency upon foreign energy sources, and to slow the process of global warming, each state must do its part, and that does not exclude Vermont. If the vocal minority that is the anti-wind movement is so opposed to harnessing the power of wind, please give reasonable, unselfish alternatives for our nationís clean energy future.

    Melissa Aurigemma


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