• Why I am running
    March 01,2013

    Why I am running

    I am running to represent District 3 on the Montpelier City Council. I want to serve as a voice for many issues that go unheard. I also feel I have some ideas that would benefit the city as a whole. I really want to encourage thinking outside the box.

    My experience working within and knowledge of the nonprofit sector, along with my willingness to learn new things, will serve me well on the City Council.

    My priorities include not cutting key positions in the city, not cutting public transportation funding and, instead, looking outside the box to get things we need to make Montpelier the place to be.

    One of my biggest agenda items is to encourage more use of the public transit system. For example, the cutting of the Green Mountain Transit Agency Montpelier Circulator bus route from the main budget really should be examined. When we talk about parking, why is it that people do not make use of public transit? There is a real value that goes unrealized.

    Montpelier needs to look at the reality of why we fund key nonprofits. Again, GMTA comes to mind on the transit end. These type of nonprofit agencies provide a human service. If we do not fund them, or if we did not have these nonprofits, it would cost Montpelier more to hire human service folks or, in regards to transportation, a city-operated service. In the same angle, we need to be realistic about public safety. It would be a real hard sell for me to entertain any cuts to the police and fire departments.

    These are discussions we need to have, and there are no easy answers as one of my challengers put it. The reality is we still need to be willing to dive in and address these issues. I am ready for this. I have lived in Montpelier close to 22 years. I have experienced this wonderful city. However, I have seen where things need to be improved.

    What do you value, District 3?

    My challengers are great. I have a lot of respect for them. But unlike them I have been on the ground and served those who go unnoticed. I am also a team player. This is going to take more than being a team player. It’s going to take compromise and being realistic about things. There are some real tough issues. I am ready to take these issues on and represent you, District 3. I would appreciate your support on Tuesday, March 5.

    Zack Hughes


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