• What do you think, Barre?
    February 28,2013

    What do you think, Barre?

    The Barre City Republicans are seeking input from all residents regarding the bills that are before the Vermont Legislature. We are asking residents to go online at www.leg.state.vt.us/database/rintro/rintro.cfm?Session=2014 and look over the bills as proposed from both the Senate and House. Then write a letter to the editor or attend one of our meetings (first Wednesday of the month at Community National Bank at 6:30 p.m.).

    We want to know what the people think as to which bills are good for Vermont and which ones will lead Vermont in the wrong direction. For example, H.93 is a bill to permit one casino gambling license. Should Vermont allow one casino? The pros say it will attract gamblers to Vermont and keep some Vermont gamblers here as well, generating an income to state coffers. The cons are against gambling. What do you think, Barre?

    Our three Washington County senators proposed a bill regarding bullying in the workplace, S.34. What do you think, Barre? These are just two of the many bills proposed so far this session. As of Feb. 17, there are 281 House bills proposed and 113 Senate bills. Look them over and give us your opinions.

    John Santorello


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