• What’s it all cost?
    February 28,2013

    What’s it all cost?

    I would like to remind the taxpayers in the city of Barre about what the supervisory union and the school board have done to us the last two years. I feel this is needed as we move toward March 5 and voting on the proposed budget this year.

    Two years ago we were told that 0.9 of a cent per 100 would fund the proposed budget. The budget was voted in, but, when it came time to set the tax rate, a little mistake was found and we ended up having to pay 7.5 cents per 100. If I remember correctly, it was termed a small mistake with no explanation or apology given to the taxpayers.

    Last year’s budget was crafted with a state tax figure that was known would be incorrect when it came to set the tax rate but was used anyway. What was proposed as a ¾-cent increase ended up being 3 to 4 cents per 100.

    At the end of 2012 we received the news that the supervisory union was $100,000 short on its budget. Again, no explanation of how or why or where the money would come from to make up the shortfall.

    Since the budgets have been set and proposed for our vote on March 5, they have come up with a surplus and the Legislature looks like it is going to vote in a 5 cent increase in the state school tax rate.

    I propose that we vote no on the school budgets until they can tell us just what it is going to cost us. As it is now, the price is a moving target. I am not in the habit of purchasing a product if I don’t know the price, and we have not been given a price we can believe as of yet.

    Vote no on the school budgets March 5.

    Mike Perrigo


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