• Letter to Sanders
    February 27,2013

    Letter to Sanders

    Dear Bernie Sanders:

    I no longer feel that you are a Senator in the Congress of the United States of America for the People of Middle Vermonters. Therefore, I feel that you are now the Congressional representative for the Corporations of the Wind Tower Projects.

    After stepping back for a while and observing your behavior it seems to me that you were bought first by Corporations on certain underlying issues, say the Wind Tower Projects of Vermont. You were then given a lot of money for campaigning. It seems that in order to be given this allotted money you could not be for allowing the passage of any laws that would be For and By the People of Vermont that would give them the right to express and figure out what is best for their lives, backyards, health of their families, near communities, and valued assessment of land that will go down around these Wind Tower projects.

    I felt that you were one of the more sincere and honest pollutions that congress had.

    I now understand that the laws are not written by or for the People of America, or the People of Vermont, but for the Corporations. Meaning the laws drafted in Congress are written by the lobbyist that are now your guiding force in Corporate Congress of America.

    It is not too late for you to do what I feel is right. Stand up and be honest if you are now able to, to say we need to step back and really look at what is best for the People of Middle Vermont.

    We the People have this right to express and to be heard and given the power that best serves the People of any Area in which we live, in Vermont or any other area of America. If it does not start now, when will it?

    Oh, BS really stands for Bought Sanders.

    Fred Person


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