• Lend support to libraries
    February 25,2013

    Lend support to libraries

    Although these reflections of mine have previously been shared several years ago, the fact remains that local public libraries have continued to influence, inspire, educate and guide my learning, knowledge, understanding and overall life from the very first day I ever walked into one, to the present.

    In addition, over the years, I discovered how much can be learned about a community and its people by exploring its library.

    No matter how large or small a local library may be, each of them has hardworking, dedicated and competent librarians and volunteers who staff them, as well as dedicated board members, who serve them. Without the huge commitment these people lend, our libraries would not be able to function properly, or even be able to exist.

    Local libraries, like for example the Kellogg-Hubbard Library in Montpelier, act as an essential foundation of the lifelong learning resources and capacity our communities and each of its citizens have come to count on and enjoy. It is crucial to ensure that this foundation remains solid, strong and sound.

    Public libraries, along with those who work within them, are rich and valuable resources. Yet our local libraries are too often taken for granted and underfunded or, at the very least, far down the food chain when funding considerations are prioritized and allocated.

    There is, of course, far more to the operation of libraries than meets the eye. If people were to possibly learn a little more about what goes on behind the scenes, they might better appreciate why it is important to properly fund and support our libraries more than may already be the case.

    Please make every effort to support and use your local public library as the precious community resource it is.

    Morgan W. Brown


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