• Peddling religion
    February 21,2013

    Peddling religion

    The letter “Unintended consequences” published in the Feb. 19 issue would have carried more weight with me if it had not been signed by the Rev. Ralph Howe, and instead just Mr. Ralph Howe.

    In his letter the good reverend lists all the various ills humans have inflicted on each other over the years and (in his mind) links them to the current push to legalize the choice of death with dignity. Of course, he fails to relate that most of these cultural norms of the past were a direct result of or supported by some religion-based dogma or other. How convenient.

    Let’s face it: Freedom to choose when to die is not the reverend’s actual issue — loss of church control and the ability to guilt “free will” out of its flock is. He may be a man of “the cloth,” but because of that he has absolutely no concept of freedom of choice, or freedom to decide if your particular beliefs mesh with what the church is currently peddling. If he really wants to contribute to humanity, he should concentrate on his self-appointed flock making healthier life choices so they’ll live longer.

    When my time comes, I will be the one to decide my fate — not the Ralph Howes of Vermont.

    Christopher Maloney


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