• Doesn’t add up
    February 20,2013

    Doesn’t add up

    How can a thinking person be surprised by the fact that Vermont’s population has dropped and that the reduction arises primarily because it is its young residents who are leaving the state?

    Could it be that factors not mentioned in the article by Mr. Ring could be a major driver of this decadelong trend? Could it be that Vermonters who pay an estimated 10.2 percent income in state and local taxes find other states more attractive? Vermonters’ tax burden is eighth highest in the nation while per capita income is 19th highest. Sort of a mismatch, don’t you think?

    Could it be that the state’s efforts to “create good paying jobs” are hampered by the fact that the nonpartisan tax research group the Tax Foundation ranks the business climate in Vermont 47th in the nation, and that many young Vermonters flee in search of better opportunities in more business-friendly states? That’s where you find “good paying jobs”?

    Could it be that Vermont’s “efforts to create good paying jobs” are hampered by the fact that it is not particularly entrepreneur-friendly? According to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln “Rating of State Entrepreneurship,” Vermont is outranked by Massachusetts, New York, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania and New Jersey in the Northeast with respect to entrepreneurship.

    Could it be that the inevitable single-payer health care Vermont tax increase will be of truly historic proportions and that it will make things even worse? Duh!

    Perhaps we should all just leave and give the place back to the Abenakis. Then the feds could run the state as a reservation and sink a bunch of tax money into the Reservation of Vermont. The Abenakis could open up a bunch of casinos to provide young people with jobs, thus freeing the politicians of the burden of trying to “create good paying jobs.” Once the Abenakis succeeded, maybe we could steal the state back again.

    Sounds like a plan.

    Roy Bair

    East Montpelier

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