• When will we learn?
    February 16,2013

    When will we learn?

    More and more voices are warning us that ďbig windĒ is not the way to go. Itís becoming a strong chorus that includes state senators, knowledgeable thinkers who understand the technical, environmental, financial and political details, Jeff Danziger, a woman whoís an off-the-grid farmer, and even a fourth-grade boy representing a generation whose future is at stake.

    And still there are others, some prominent, some ordinary citizens like myself, who warn against the destructive impact of industrial wind plants. Itís not just the ugliness of it, but also the fact that,like so many past destructive undertakings, desecrating the natural beauty of our mountains would be futile as well, because, as is being patiently explained by expert after expert, it stands to benefit only the wind industry.

    Thereís deep wisdom in a moratorium on building further greed-inspired monstrosities. It would give us no choice but to be more frugal (or rather, less wasteful) with the energy we are getting now. We might find out we donít need more energy, we donít need to use more and more energy-gobbling stuff more and more of the time, we donít need lights on where theyíre not in use, and instead we may be surprised by how well supplied we are if we just conserve.

    Dam-crippled rivers, mountain removal for coal, fracking-poisoned land and water, the curses of tarsands, oil spills and nuclear accidents ó when will we ever learn? How many more outrageous storms and power outages do we need before we finally realize weíre devouring the very Mother thatís nurturing us body and soul?

    Louise Sandberg


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