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    February 14,2013

    What’s cooking?

    WILLIAMSTOWN — If members of the Charity Chapter 57 Order of the Eastern Star would just stop cooking we’d stop writing about them.

    Maybe next month.

    On the heels of last month’s extremely successful (if oddly timed) chicken pie supper, we’re told the women from Williamstown are heading back into the kitchen to prepare what they’re hoping will be an extremely successful (if oddly timed) ham and bean supper.

    It’s set for Feb. 23 (that’s a Saturday), and unlike last month’s chicken pie supper, there will be one seating — at 6 p.m. — not two.

    We’re told they’ve been hosting this particular meal at the Summit Lodge (right across from the elementary school) on Brush Hill Road for the past six years, so they’ve got it pretty well down to a science.

    Ham and beans (both baked, of course) top a menu that includes scalloped potatoes, Harvard beets, copper penny carrots and pickles. The meal, which will be served family-style so folks don’t leave hungry, will include gingerbread for dessert.

    If ham isn’t your thing, not to worry — they’ll be preparing chicken breast as a substitute.

    Admission is $10. Because there’s only a single seating, reservations are encouraged (call Nadine Martin at 479-9664).

    Martin tells us March and April will be months of rest for the chapter, unless you count selling coffee and doughnuts on Town Meeting Day.

    Burn, baby, burn!

    BARRE — Imagine a nice spring day (yes, they’ll be here before we know it). You’ve been picking up branches that fell during the winter, and you’ve got a nice big pile of them. Perhaps a bonfire would be fun.

    If you live in Barre (the city, not the town) you need to get a burn permit from the Fire Department before you strike that match.

    No worries — local firefighters get called upon for burn permits all year around, but starting this year there are fees involved. A three-day burn permit (perfect for a weekend’s work around the house) will cost you $10, and an annual permit (just in case you’re taking on some major projects) is $25.

    Enough said? Not quite.

    Before you head over to the Fire Department to pick up a permit, you’ll have to swing by City Hall to pay for it at the city clerk’s office. The office is open from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on weekdays, and we’re told you’ll get a receipt that you can swap for a burn permit once you fill out the application form at the Fire Department.

    So what happens if you find yourself on a Saturday morning with a yen for some yard work, but no burn permit in hand and no way to get one from City Hall?

    Good question.

    If that’s your situation you can stop by the Fire Department and get a permit if you’re prepared to pay the fee with a personal check or money order.

    For more information about burn permits and the materials that are allowed to be burned in Barre, contact the Fire Department at 476-0254.

    Dollars for scholars(hips)

    BARRE — Friends and family members of the late Ida May Fabyan have established a Young Artists’ Fund at Studio Place Arts to honor her life and love of the arts.

    We’re told Fabyan lived to be 101 and had at least one thing (though we suspect there were more) in common with her daughter, Pria Cambio.

    What would that be?

    A passion for arts education, which explains why Cambio and others who knew Fabyan decided to create the SPA scholarship fund in her memory.

    The scholarships will be available for children interested in participating in a variety of art workshops at SPA, like the ones that are scheduled for the upcoming winter break. There will be a paper-making workshop, a mini-camp for clay sculpture and a cartooning workshop. For more details about the workshops, visit studioplacearts.com. If you’d like to inquire about the scholarships call 479-7069.


    BERLIN — Lots of central Vermonters probably aren’t interested, but the ones who live in Berlin and want to know a little more about the proposed elementary school budget that will be on next month’s Town Meeting Day ballot can check out YouTube.

    Seems the school board has produced a brief video presentation about its proposed budget. You can check it out at www.youtube.com/watch?v=7CA6T9-gKVI or request a DVD copy from the school. If after watching the 11˝-minute video voters have unanswered questions about the budget, they are urged to contact any of the board’s five members.

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