• Montpelier ready to supply water
    February 12,2013

    Montpelier ready to supply water

    Montpelier city officials are watching with curiosity as the town of Berlin prepares to vote on a proposed water system bond. Our curiosity stems from the total lack of communication coming from Berlin toward the city with regard to this proposal.

    Berlin Pond is the city’s water source. It is located fully within the town of Berlin and has water supply capacity exponentially larger than the wells that the town is pursuing. Montpelier’s water treatment plant, also located in Berlin, is far more technologically advanced than the treatment system being suggested for the wells. The city already provides water to many major Berlin customers. There is a great opportunity to share resources. We do not understand why town officials refuse to discuss collaboration with Montpelier.

    Since September, the city has asked to meet with Berlin officials on at least eight occasions. The most recent was a formal letter sent Jan. 16. The city received no response to any of these communications. To the contrary, the city — after numerous informal requests — was forced to rely upon a public records request to obtain a copy of a public document. Even then, the request was not honored for 14 working days, which is in excess of the time required by statute.

    Why won’t the town talk with the city? With a $5.5 million bond issue on the line, one would hope that the town would be actively pursuing all options.

    William Fraser

    Montpelier city manager

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