• Wasteful practices continue to rile
    February 09,2013

    Wasteful practices continue to rile

    Recently I was fired from my job as a deli worker at a major convenience chain. We were forced to throw away every food item that they considered waste or outdated. I soon came to realize that enough food was being discarded to the Dumpster daily to feed approximately 25 people. In one week, that amounts to 175 people who could be directly or indirectly fed, 600 per month.

    In the five months of my employment, I was forced to throw away enough food to feed more than 3,000 people. This chain, I learned, has 36 stores, mostly in Vermont. You can do the math.

    If this is not a crime, it should be. During my employment I constantly suggested alternative options such as homeless shelters, seniors, low income, after school, employees, farmers and compost.

    First my hours were cut, I believe because I was not cheerfully compliant. I continued to be appalled by this outrageous waste daily. I have also thought that if I am not part of the solution, I am part of the problem.

    So, if you let your conscience be your guide, you may stand to get fired. What happens next?

    Joan A. Gaboriault


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