• Komodo dragon bites 2 in office
    February 07,2013

    Komodo dragon

    bites 2 in office

    JAKARTA, Indonesia — Two people have been hospitalized after being attacked by a giant Komodo dragon that wandered into the office of a wildlife park in eastern Indonesia.

    An official at Komodo National Park, Heru Rudiharto, said Wednesday the 6˝-foot-long Komodo dragon attacked a park ranger after walking into the office on Tuesday.

    It then attacked another park employee who came to help him. Both were badly bitten and were evacuated to a hospital on Bali Island.

    Rudiharto said the park ranger also was attacked by a Komodo dragon in 2009.

    Endangered Komodo dragons can grow longer than 10 feet. Fewer than 4,000 are believed to be alive. They are found in the wild primarily on the eastern Indonesian islands of Komodo, Padar and Rinca.

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