• First in Bolton
    February 02,2013

    First in Bolton

    A year ago my husband, our daughter, and I moved to Bolton and into our first house. We had to make some changes and it was evident that being as frugal as we are would not get us far, and certainly wouldn’t get us off the grid.

    Pinching pennies and saving here and there helped but now a year later it is important that our values are truly reflected in our home. Energy conservation is important to us and we looked into different options of weatherization, efficiency upgrades, and renewable energy. We could not afford to go solar until we found the company called SunCommon. We didn’t pay any money up front, and from now on we’ll simply make a solar payment instead of paying our electric bill and this will save us money.

    Our panels are up and we should be generating a little energy in January and a lot of energy come summer. The support and the resources available through their program will cut my electric bill and get me closer to being off the grid. Since installing our solar system, it has come to our attention that our home is the first to be solarized in all of our community of Bolton. We are thrilled to lead the way, and hope more and more will follow.

    Let the sun shine on our home.

    Kimberly Ead


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