• Bernie betrays the little guy
    January 30,2013

    Once again Bernie Sanders has thrown his hat in the ring to support the wind industry.

    Always the savior of the little man, this time he favors big business over rural Vermonters. Some of the very same Vermonters who help to keep him in office.

    Bernie’s press conference this week smacks those Vermonters in the face.

    Less that a year ago, Sen. Sanders sent out a form letter saying he wouldn’t respond to the plight of rural towns battling wind developers because he doesn’t intervene in local or state political processes.

    That idea sure went out the window in a hurry.

    Most Vermonters believe in global climate change. Most of us want to do what we can. Those who are practical and serious about making a real change know Vermont needs to work on the way we heat our homes and power our vehicles.

    Vermont is the cleanest state in the nation for electrical power generation already. The practice of selling green energy wind credits down south is only allowing large corporations to increase the amount of pollution they put into our air.

    This Thursday rural Vermonters from around the state will join together to present the Legislature with a clean energy plan that supports Vermont’s rural communities, preserves the state’s ridgelines and ecosytems, and protects our heritage.

    There is no science behind the wind industry, just painful lies, that Vermont will live to regret. The emperor has no clothes here, and Bernie is doing his best to cover him up.



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