• Remembering ‘Tark’
    January 25,2013

    When you see an NFL quarterback running with the football there’s only one thing that comes to mind, he’s gona get clotheslined! It’s just a matter of seconds that it will take to put a QB in the NFL on the injured list. Especially if they refuse to take the QB “slide in” or run out of bounds. So, if your franchise player keeps running with the ball what do you do? RG3 (Robert Griffin III) was able to walk off the field after his latest knee injury against Seattle, but now what? Will be be able to play next season after the Redskins were eliminated from the playoffs? He probably will play again and will probably keep running with the ball.

    There have been other QBs that have run with the ball and survived in the NFL. But, they ran away from the defense and took the slide in or out of bounds method. Fran Tarkenton ran with the ball and still managed to hold the record for passing yardage. He was a “scrambler.” He ran circles around the big defensive linemen and threw the ball if he could. RG3 had better watch some of Tarkenton’s old videos if he wants to survive in the NFL. You’re not a coward if you run away from guys who weigh 300 pounds.

    Tom King


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