• Double digit below zero dips in temp prompt warnings
     | January 22,2013

    MONTPELIER -- Temperatures today could be 20 to 25 degrees Fahrenheit below zero due to the combination of cold temperatures and wind.

    A wind chill advisory, where very cold air and strong winds combine, began Tuesday night and lasts until 7 p.m. tonight, which covers western Washington County, Montpelier and Randolph among other parts of the state.

    Frostbite that could lead to hypothermia will occur if precautions are not taken, such as covering up one's nose, ears and fingers with warm clothing.

    Montpelier Fire Chief Bob Gowans said residents should not use home appliances like stoves to add heat to their homes because carbon monoxide poisoning or fires could occur.

    He also warned residents to take steps to prevent pipe bursts, especially for certain homes susceptible to that risk. He said those types of residents should keep a slow trickle of water running, which can be cold water, if they will be gone for a day.

    The department responded to a pipe burst at a Marvin Street home last week because the residents turned down the furnace while they were away for a week, causing basement pipes to break, Gowans said. A neighbor noticed the flooding, he said.

    He added residents leaving for several days should have someone check on their homes.

    He also recommended residents contact the fire department if residents don't have proper heat and also check on elderly neighbors.

    A rapid increase in river ice is also expected over the following days, where ice jams and water rises occur.

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