• Taking guns won’t solve problems
    January 15,2013

    Taking guns won’t solve problems

    I do not own a gun — that has been my choice (although I would love a nice small handgun, and I have a birthday coming up in a couple months). Not being a gun owner does not strip me of my right to speak on the issue of gun control. There are few things that have retained any sort of value in this country (or among the people at least) as times have become harder and living has become more difficult.

    One of those things that should be held above all others is the Constitution. It was not written to set out guidelines of how government should work. It was laid out to allow citizens the means by which they could govern themselves. In essence they were written to protect citizens from an overzealous and far-reaching government.

    I am certainly not a constitutional scholar. I don’t pretend to be. But I have a father who taught me that there are some things that matter. The Second Amendment does not say that citizens have the right to own “small-caliber, single-shot firearms.” It says that a citizen has the right to be armed and prepared in case they must rise up in defense of themselves, their family or their country.

    It is not up to someone else to decide what that means. To bypass the fabric that has held this country together for all of these years would be a huge mistake. Any law (or change to any law) made as the result of fear is a mistake. To outlaw the sale of any particular type of firearm is wrong. It will not solve any problems.

    Has anyone noticed how well the war on drugs is going? Heroin is illegal. Crack is illegal. Does the fact that they are illegal make them less of a problem? In the hands of a responsible adult, crack kills. In the hands of a responsible adult, heroin kills. In the hands of a responsible adult, a firearm does not kill. People with untreated (or under-treated, incorrectly treated, etc.) mental health issues with access to firearms kill people. As do people with those mental health issues with access to knives, vehicles, ropes, shovels, matches, a U-Haul truck full of perfectly legal components that when parked outside a federal building in Oklahoma City kills 168 people, and other things like airplanes. We can’t legislate our way out of treating people. It may make you feel better to ban a semi-automatic weapon. You might even pat yourself on the back. But if you truly think that will do anything beyond filling yourself with false hope and misplaced pride, you are wrong. And that is sad.

    Buzz Fisher


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