• Police looking at Facebook posts about Lauzon and guns
     | January 09,2013

    BARRE — Police are investigating Facebook posts in which a Barre man allegedly disclosed Mayor Thom Lauzon’s home address and called it a shooting range.

    A week after Lauzon suggested that the Barre Fish and Game Club not allow assault-style weapons at the upcoming gun show, the mayor said multiple people alerted him to the posts Tuesday and expressed their concern about them.

    Police did not provide the suspect’s name, and while Lauzon has identified him, The Times Argus could not confirm his identity.

    The mayor provided copies of electronic communications to The Times Argus.

    Lauzon sent the man’s Facebook profile a message saying, “Pretty serious when (someone) publicly posts my address and declares it to be a shooting range.”

    In a message from the suspect’s Facebook profile to Lauzon, the writer apologized for the posts and reported having deleted them.

    “I apologize if anything was taken the wrong way,” the message said. “This gun control issue is getting out of hand. I voted for you in the past because I thought you were a good Republican. I certainly don’t mean any harm to you at all.”

    Tuesday night at the City Council meeting, Lauzon made passing reference to the Facebook flare-up during a much longer discussion with representatives of the Barre Fish and Game Club about their upcoming show.

    Lauzon publicly praised the club members for their “gentlemanly” response to his request that they ban assault firearms and extended magazines at the show.

    Though the club politely declined Lauzon’s request, the mayor said their response was better than most.

    “The response has gone from there to the (person) who posted on Facebook that people should use my home as a practice range,” Lauzon said. “He will be getting a visit from police.”

    Lauzon said earlier that he thought he had met the man but did not know him well. Lauzon said he considered not doing anything about the posts but changed his mind and reported the incident to police after he thought about how many people had seen the posts and the possibility that anyone had taken them seriously.

    “If I ignore it, then I’m only adding to the problem,” Lauzon said, adding there is nothing funny about threats of violence.

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