• Fiscal insanity continues
    January 08,2013

    So the fiscal cliff has been averted. Another great deal has been made by Congress for the American people. Forty-one dollars in tax hikes for every $1 in spending cuts. That ought to solve our deficit problem. Actually, it’s still adding to it. Just how long do the big-spending progressive socialists think they can keep this shell game going? The United States borrows 47 cents out of every dollar it spends. Does anyone realize how absolutely ludicrous this is? Entitlements are out of control. Should people get the Social Security and Medicare they’ve paid for? Absolutely, but how many realize the Medicare benefits the average retiree is promised is five times what they paid in? How can this be? Politicians make promises they can’t keep to get votes, and our representatives are no exception. We have a welfare system that rewards people for having children they can’t afford, and then rewards them again for having more. Generations of welfare recipients have made a career of collecting welfare (i.e., money other people have earned) with no intentions of trying to find a job. The bottom line is that this is all unsustainable. What will the U.S. government do when the interest alone on our debt exceeds our GDP? We’re closer to that tipping point than they would have you believe. It’s time for hard decisions, decisions that will be widely unpopular, and those decisions should not be to push this burden onto our children. Whether they will admit it or not, this is what the American progressive movement voted for in November — unsustainable deficit spending on a self-destructive entitlement program that is ruining our economy and society. Oh, and the Constitution outlines what the federal government is authorized to spend money on — national defense (yes, progressives, that’s the military) and infrastructure. Everything else is a power grab. Wake up, America!

    Keith Zandy


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