• Barre Police Log: Driver harassed, cars vandalized
    January 08,2013

    The following is a sampling of calls Barre police responded to in recent days.

    Dec. 30

    A young male was walking down South Main Street and staggering into the road.

    Someone threw a rock through the front window of a Brook Street residence.

    Dec. 31

    A woman was stopped at a stop sign on Brook Street when another woman came up to her car, started pounding on her window and chased after the car as it drove off. The driver said she had no idea who the woman was.

    Vehicles were gone through on Humbert Street.

    A man came up to a woman on Keith Avenue and asked if he could pay her to give her a back rub.

    On Church Street, a guinea hen was left in a snowbank.

    A vehicle was damaged with a key while parked at the American Legion on North Main Street.

    For the third time in a week, a small black car was doing doughnuts in a church parking lot on Church Street.

    A woman saw a man on East Street who she thought was one of her brother’s friends. She stopped, realized it wasn’t him and drove off. He chased her vehicle, and when she stopped and rolled down her window, he swore at her, punched her and ran off.

    Jan. 1

    A car was off the road and in a snowbank on Prospect Street.

    On Merchant Street, a vehicle slid and was stuck under a guard rail.

    A mailbox was vandalized on Park Street.

    A stray dog was found in Elmwood Cemetery.

    On Bergeron Street, someone slashed a car’s tires.

    A downstairs neighbor on Spaulding Street was yelling at his barking dog, then the dog cried out and went silent.

    Jan. 2

    On Seminary Street, a woman said a man who usually stops by her place did not show up and when she went to his place the door was locked, but the lights were on and his teeth and cigarettes were on the table.

    A Jeep went off the road near Richardson Road on North Main Street.

    A man’s girlfriend smashed a window out of his apartment on Ayers Street.

    Jan. 3

    The traffic lights on Washington Street were not functioning properly.

    A felon was on Hill Street with a gun.

    On Warren Street, a man returned home to find a window smashed in, and he thinks someone broke in.

    A truck broke down on Quarry Street.

    Jan. 4

    There was a two-car accident on Prospect Street around 11:30 a.m. No injuries were reported.

    A woman got a text that someone was trying to break into her apartment on Ayers Street.

    On Shurtleff Place, an unknown man was banging on a woman’s front door and looking in the window saying, “It’s me.”

    Jan. 5

    A wire was hanging down near the sidewalk on Smith Street.

    Kids were sledding down the road on Eastern Avenue.

    A neighbor’s dog defecated on a woman’s lawn on Walnut Street.

    Jan. 6

    Someone standing in the roadway threw something at a man’s car on North Main Street.

    A 42-year-old woman took a blow to the face on Fairview Street.

    Someone came to the police station to complain about a woman driving a black 2004 Kia trying to run him or her off the road.

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