• Quintessential Vermont
    December 18,2012

    Quintessential Vermont

    This week our farm hosted a holiday party for our team. We transformed our seconds making merry and making edible gifts for our loved ones. We gave ourselves a farm experience. American Express values such events as “priceless.” True. But they are more. Their memories are assets much like gems. And the associated engagement generates greater connection — an asset equivalent to renewable energy.

    In the hills above Brookfield Village, there is Lew Stowell’s old, cold barn, his miniature train circles — replete with whistle! Its whistle periodically stops the bustle and captures our attention as we finalize our Christmas tree selection. A few miles away, down next to the Floating Bridge at the “Fork Shop,” you’ll have great gift options, gifts you can give wrapped in stories — stories of local ingredients and talents. Eat a farm-fresh crepe and join the caroling or simply have the smells and sounds add dimension and depth to your time in the village.

    These are Vermont moments. Any gifts you leave with are full circle gifts. We venture out through working forests and farms, and feast on that which our society persistently hungers. Our purchases keep the working landscape alive.

    How do we know? We’ve felt it ourselves. And our cooperative’s work has attracted the interest of out-of-state photographers and videographers. Footage of this event will be captured by Nora Jacobs in “Vermont the Movie.” Eventually “Vermont the Movie” and Floating Bridge Cooperative events will inspire people far and wide to seek and make room for more such connection.

    But for this weekend quintessential Vermont life is here for us to join and enjoy. Hope to see you there.

    Mari Omland


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