• Doesn’t pass smell test
    December 18,2012

    Doesn’t pass smell test

    “Berlin eyes vote on town water” in the Dec. 7 Times Argus certainly does not pass the smell test.

    The cost to float a $5 million bond would benefit a few, mostly businesses. The Central Vermont Medical Center has already said no to the plan and will instead connect to a pre-existing Montpelier plant. The town does not know who will connect to the project, or if it will be forced to do so — democratic process in action or it is for the good of all?

    I would also ask who contaminated the 20 wells around the Berlin Four Corners, the businesses who want to float the $5 million bond to relieve them of a lawsuit or superfund clean-up? The cost will increase our tax burden at a time that we are about to go over the fiscal cliff. Has anyone looked at the pre-existing Montpelier water plant?

    Why should the rest of the town pay for someone else’s contamination problems?

    John Jacques


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